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 Does Your Child Understand?

Sometimes, children read aloud smoothly and with expression, but still don't know what they have read.  Whether they are reading silently, or out loud, we can check their understanding in three ways:

  • by discussing the text with them
  • by asking questions about the text
  • by having them retell

Simply talking about the text during or after reading will tell you a lot.  Discussing the story, poem, or informational text also helps to improve comprehension-that is why adults often attend book clubs.  Beyond discussion, children at school are asked to retell.  In a story retelling, children are encouraged to use both the pictures and the print.  Children are expected to...

  • share the title and author
  • describe the setting-where and when
  • begin with an introduction
  • introduce the main characters
  • describe the problem or main goal
  • outline the main events and put them in the right order
  • share how the problem was solved and how the story ends

They are also encouraged to use expressive voices and to make personal comments about or connections to the text.  Sometimes, children like to retell a story through drawing.

At home, most retellings can come up informally through discussion.  Keep the retelling informal, interesting, and, above all, enjoyable!


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