Shanon Mcdonnell

 Mrs. McDonnell  

Reading Specialist, JTPS

K-5 Language Arts Coordinator, Systemwide



Smile Parents play an important role in their child’s education! You can do many things to help support your child. In addition to any suggestions your child’s teacher may have, below are just a few additional ideas to help your child.


Smile Stay involved in what your child is learning about in school so that you can support your child at home.


Smile Schedule at least 20 minutes of special time everyday to read to and/or with your child (30 minutes is even better!). After each story is read, talk with your child about the book. Engage in conversation about the text. Was there an interesting or surprising part?


Smile Plan to go to the public library or the local bookstore once each week and read new books together.


Smile Engage in rich and meaningful conversation with your child. Take every opportunity you can to help increase your child's vocabulary. You can do this by pointing to things and asking your child to tell you what they are, or you can stop and explain the meaning of unknown words in books. The more you talk to your child, the faster their vocabulary will grow.


Smile Make learning fun! Your child is working hard all day in school. When they come home from school, make any learning activity you choose to do fun.


Remember: Reading should be enjoyable for all children. The text should never be difficult. If your child has to struggle with more than a few words, that book may be too difficult. You should read the difficult books to your child and choose books at his/her level for your child to read independently.

 A school and family partnership is essential for your child's success in school.  We are all here to work with you.  Together we will ensure that each and every child succeeds! 

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