August 19, 2016


Dear John Trumbull Families,


It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I write to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year. The staff is busy setting up classrooms for students. I can assure you that all students will be greeted with warm smiles and the most inviting environment on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 31, 2016.


The safety of all children is our top priority. Please read the information in this letter very carefully. Your child needs to wear the enclosed nametag around his/her neck for the first month of school. The nametag displays your child’s name, teacher’s name and your child’s dismissal procedure. It has your child’s going home bus letter or “PT” for Parent Transport if you will be picking your child up every day. If your child will be attending the YMCA after school program, please write it on the nametag along with the day(s) of the week. Please send a note to your child’s teacher on the first day so that the office will be notified. The color denotes the section (pod) of school. If you have any questions about the dismissal procedure, please call the office before school starts.

Please verify the bus information that is listed on the nametag. The 2016-2017 Bus Routes were published in the Town Times on August 18, 2016. At JTPS we use letters to identify our busses. Please note the letter correlation. Bus 1-A; Bus 2-B; Bus 3-C; Bus 5-L; Bus 8-D; Bus 9-E; Bus 11-K; Bus 12-G; Bus 13-H; Bus 14-I; Bus 16-J; Bus 17-F. They will also be posted on the district website at click on the “Transportation” link for school routes. If you have any busing questions, please contact Eva Jacquette in the Business Office at (860)-945-4805. If the information appears to be incorrect please call the school at 860-945-2776. Please do not change the information without calling the school first to be sure that we have the same information for your child on the first day.


Arrival: Parents who transport their children to school will park in the designated area and cross by the crossing guard with their children. Please hold your child’s hand as you walk him/her to the building as the parking lot is a very busy place in the morning. Please encourage your child to say goodbye to you in the lobby. We understand that all children adjust at different times so if your child is experiencing difficulties with separation please notify the teacher. All students will wait in their common areas upon arrival. (Blue Kindergarten students will wait on the stairs in the lower lobby.)

Although we feel that the safest way to bring your child to school is to walk him/her to the lobby, we have created a drop-off area to be used in the morning (8:30-8:45AM) ONLY. Parents who wish to drop off their children may continue down the driveway and turn into the drive closest to the school. No parent /visitor cars are allowed in the back of the building. Drop-off parents are asked to proceed to the crossing guard until they are signaled forward. The drop off area is labelled by signs that state
“Student Drop Off Area.” Please pull up all the way around the corner, almost to the stop sign. Children must exit from the passenger side of your vehicle, the side of the car closest to the school. Drivers should not exit their vehicle to open doors for children. Please consider your child’s maturity level if you choose to use this option instead of walking your child into the lobby. We recommend that this option be used for grade one and two students only.


Please follow all established procedures for parking/dropping off during arrival and dismissal! The safety of all of our students is everyone’s responsibility! The first two lanes of our parking lot are ONE WAY for exiting. The last two lanes are for entering. Please see map.

Students should not arrive before 8:30AM. Students arriving after 8:45 AM must be walked into the office by their parent to obtain a late slip because the main doors are locked at this time. Children cannot be expected to enter the building tardy and unattended after the doors are locked. A child is considered tardy if they arrive after 8:45 bell.


Children who ride the bus enter the school at the back lobby. We cannot allow parents in the back lobby because of very crowded conditions. All staff members will be on duty to assist the students during the 1st week of school. For the first two weeks, additional PTO volunteers will be available to assist the children.


Dismissal: If you will be picking up your child every day, please send in a note stating that your child will be picked up each day and indicate the names of the responsible adults who are allowed to do the transportation. Remember that all adults must show a picture ID each day to pick up children. Also please remember that only those adults listed will be allowed to pick up your child unless we receive a note/phone call from the parent or guardian giving permission for someone else to pick up. If you decide on a single day that you will pick up your child, please send a note that day. If you forget your note, you must call early enough in the day so that your child is not put in a bus line. Please call ahead if you need to pick up your child early. Dismissal between 3:00PM and 3:10PM will be limited to emergencies.


K-2 parents who are picking up their children should park their cars in the parking lot and enter the gym through the green doors near the main entrance. All parents need to sign out their children. Please cross with the crossing guard.


We are looking forward to the first day of school. Please be patient with the bus times for the first few days. It would be helpful if you say your goodbyes as the bus approaches so that there will not be a delay in the routes. Please remember that you must meet your children at the bus stop every day. If no one is at the bus stop to meet your child, he/she will be returned to school.


We hope that you enjoy the final days of summer and we look forward to working with you and your child to make this the best school year! Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office/administrative staff with any questions that you may have.





Laura A. Meka